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Our Strategy

Strategy DB Schenker 2020

Our strategy sets the foundation for sustainable success of DB Schenker. It encompasses every dimension of sustainability: economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection.

By 2020, we will be profitable market leader and hold top positions in our target markets. Building on our long-term financial stability we will continue to invest in growth markets, new business and the expertise of our employees. We will deliver innovative products based on high performing processes and IT systems so that our customers remain completely satisfied with our leading-edge networks and industry solutions.

By 2020, we will be the top employer in our industry. We are a diverse and international company, inspiring and attracting people of all ages and professions. We support the development of our employees and offer them local and international career opportunities.

By 2020, we will be the eco-pioneer of our industry. Our green product portfolio and expertise in eco-consulting are at the heart of our strategy. DB Schenker will be considered the benchmark in terms of carbon- and energy efficiency. We are also striving to reduce other emissions such as noise in order to increase society’s acceptance of our future growth.

As a profitable market leader, top employer and eco-pioneer in our industry, by 2020 we will be the leading integrated transportation and logistics provider.DB Schenker. Delivering solutions.

Last modified: 16.05.2014

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